Mansfield police officer on paid leave after video shows him dragging Black, handcuffed teen during arrest (video)

Mansfield police officer on paid leave after video shows him dragging Black, handcuffed teen

MANSFIELD, Ohio (WOIO) - Mansfield Police Department Officer Jordan Moore is on paid administrative leave amid an investigation into his involvement in a Monday, Oct. 12 incident, where a 17-year-old Black, handcuffed teenager was drug across the street while police arrested another man.

Mansfield police were responding to an incident between roommates near the 500 block of W. 4th Street when officers attempted to arrest one of the men due to his behavior and level of intoxication, according to the police report.

A video shows a teenager walking up to police as officers were attempting to place the resisting man their cruiser.

An officer tackled the teen before he reached the car. The teen was rolled on his stomach, his hands were placed behind his back and he was handcuffed.

As police continued to try and place the arrested man in the cruiser, the teenager was drug away from the driver’s side back door and pulled around to the back of the car.

Police then dragged the teen, who does not appear to resist in the video, to the other side of the cruiser as the first man was yanked into the back seat.

The teen and man were placed in separate cruisers around the same time.

A crowd of people gathered over the course of this incident and began asking police questions.

Video of the interaction has gained attention on social media.

Mansfield police released this statement Tuesday in response to concerns about the incident:

The Mansfield Division of Police is currently looking into the video that has been circulating on social media sites involving a disturbance handled by the Mansfield Division of Police involving two arrests which occurred yesterday at 501 West Fourth Street. We understand the concerns that have been raised by the incident and are currently reviewing any and all video associated with the arrests. As with any investigation, this takes time to accurately review all audiovisual from the incident.
Mansfield Police Department

Thursday, the department announced Moore was going on paid administrative leave pending the investigation’s outcome.

Mansfield Police Department Chief Keith Porch will announce the outcome of the internal investigation upon completion.

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