Stop the Pain rally in Cleveland honors mothers who lost children to gun violence

Stop the Pain rally confronts violence in Cleveland

CLEVELAND, Ohio (WOIO) - A local group honored mothers who have lost children to gun violence on Saturday afternoon in Cleveland.

The goal is to help them through a tough time and offer resources.

This new group called Stop the Pain hopes to bring peace to the streets and to families.

“I looked at the picture I wanted to send them, I just burst out crying. that was three years of pressure that was built up on me,” Stop the Pain assistant director Mary Williams said.

The pressure and the pain still affects Williams physically to this day, three years after losing her son to gun violence.

After being strong for her family and friends, Williams said she’s releasing that pressure and pain while encouraging other mothers to do the same through her newly-formed non-profit.

Stop the Pain gathered in New Glenview Park, showing signs of strength through pictures of their lost loved ones, a memorial wall, and by physically releasing the grief with a balloon release.

Other organizations also offered community resources to help come together to and stop the pain and relieve the pressure.

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