Suitcase carrying woman’s ashes lost at Cleveland Hopkins International Airport; family pleas for return

American Airlines says they will work with the family to locate the suitcase.
Suitcase carrying woman’s ashes lost at Cleveland Hopkins International Airport; family pleas for return
Published: Oct. 18, 2020 at 10:09 PM EDT
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CLEVELAND, Ohio (WOIO) - A California family is asking for the safe return of their late mother’s ashes after the suitcase containing them went missing at Cleveland Hopkins International Airport Saturday evening.

Doris Mooren, 92, passed away earlier this year.

Mooren was from Northfield, Ohio. She wished to be buried at the same Northfield cemetery as her mother.

Harold Karaka, Mooren’s son-in-law, told 19 News the suitcase is black with a blue stripe of duct tape on the back and a bright pink luggage tag.

The suitcase is soft-sided and is the size of a carry-on bag.

“We met in Dallas and then flew into Cleveland and upon arrival went down to get the luggage and it was gone. It was scanned by American Airlines and they said it did arrive and it came down the turnstyle. Somebody else picked it up possibly by mistake or it was stolen. They said there were other bags that were taken at the same time Saturday night. They have it on video so they’re reviewing that, the police department is. But we don’t know what kind of evidence they’re going to be able to find," Karaka said.

The wooden box containing the ashes is 9 1/2 inches by 9 1/2 inches. The suitcase also contains Mooren’s death certificate.

The family’s plane landed in Cleveland around 7:15 p.m. Saturday according to Karaka.

Cleveland Hopkins International Airport Police told the family the suitcase was received and scanned, but the family says it never came around the luggage conveyer.

The family asks the suitcase be safely returned to Cleveland Hopkins International Airport Police, no questions asked. Karaka said he is even offering a $100 reward for the return of the ashes and death certificate.

The family is holding a small memorial Monday morning at a Northfield cemetary for their loved one and are hoping to have the remains returned by then.

19 News did reach out to Cleveland Hopkins International Airport and American Airlines for comment. A media relations person with American Airlines did call back and 19 News was able to put them directly in touch with the family so they could troubleshoot the issue.

Stay with 19 News for more on this developing story.

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