Another East Cleveland rapid-fire paintball shooting victim comes forward as suspects are still on the loose

Another East Cleveland rapid-fire paintball shooting victim comes forward as suspects are still on the loose

EAST CLEVELAND, Ohio (WOIO) - “I just can’t understand how people can be amused and get entertainment by doing that to people and recording and watching it at a future time,” James Dolphin said.

That elderly gentleman was caught in the crosshairs of someone with apparently too much time on their hands.

This was another report to 19 News about someone riding around blasting people with a high powered paintball gun.

Last week, we told you about a grandmother of four getting peppered with paintballs as she rode her scooter.

That same day, others got blasted as well.

Now, another innocent bystander is speaking out.

There’s never a dull moments these days.

People just keep taking advantage of others, seemingly, for no good reason.

With our viewers' help, hopefully, police will catch those responsible for the random paint ball gun attacks we’ve been telling you about.

“I was struck 10-times by these paintballs.”

Dolphin sustained obvious injures when he was pelted repeatedly with the high-velocity paintballs.

“I was hit in the back of my head. I was hit maybe four or five times on my right side in my rib area. I was struck on the upper arm area and about three or for times on my back also.”

Dolphin was among several people the non-caring suspect caught on video as they rode around shooting people at random.

He was in Forest Hills Park off of Lee Road on Saturday, Oct. 10 when someone opened fire on him.

“As I was riding through the park lot I was attacked by a man who had a paintball gun that shot very quickly. I don’t know what you call them, like a machine gun.”

The criminal that did this thought it was funny.

It was not!

“Out of nowhere. It happened so fast. I was trying to get a little exercise on a nice day. It felt like I was hit by rocks.”

The heartless perpetrator just kept riding around in a big black truck shooting people. If any of their victims had fallen and hit their heads or had a heart attack, these suspects could be facing murder charges.

“I don’t want to sound like a victim but I did have heart surgery a couple of years ago, quadruple by-pass. I think it’s not good for my health to go through something like that. The shock. Yeah, the shock. It does speed up your heart quick a bit.”

After Dolphin was hit 10 times with painful paintballs, some of the people who saw what happened came to his aide.

They gave him paper towels to tend to his wounds and so he could wipe off as much paint as he could.

He wanted me to tell them how much he appreciated that act of kindness.

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