Flu season’s arrival as COVID-19 cases grow cause concern for ‘twindemic’

Published: Oct. 19, 2020 at 10:16 PM EDT
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CLEVELAND, Ohio (WOIO) - Flu season is coming, and with COVID-19 cases growing, the concern is that we could see what’s being called a “twindemic.”

So how can we avoid overcrowding in our hospitals?

The best way to stop a so-called twindemic, is to get a flu shot, the sooner the better.

You may think you’ve heard all this before, but, according to the CDC, only 48% of adults in the United States actually get a flu shot.

Dr. Susan Rehm is the Vice Chair of the Department of Infectious Disease at the Cleveland Clinic, where they are paying attention to the threat of a twin pandemic.

There are some issues trending in a positive direction, regarding flu season.

First, the flu season in the southern hemisphere was mild.

“The things we’re doing to prevent COVID specifically masking social distancing should also reduce the spread of flu,” according to Dr. Rehm.

Still, the advice is to get the flu shot early, which has led to some speculation, incorrect speculation, that you may need two flu shots this year.

“I think most people don’t need to worry about getting two flu shots,” Dr. Rehm said.

Dr. Rehm pointed out that nothing is predictable about the flu, the length of the season, the severity, when it starts, or when it ends.

However, the flu vaccine has not become mainstream, it makes you wonder how a COVID-19 vaccine will be accepted.

“The whole idea of trying to vaccinate everyone is something we’re going to be facing in the near future,” Dr. Rehm said.

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