Restaurants, bars struggling with availability and pricing of PPE and disinfectant

Restaurants, bars struggling with availability and pricing of PPE and disinfectant

CLEVELAND, Ohio (WOIO) -Bars and restaurants are already crippled by reduced capacity, staffing struggles and the alcohol curfew.

Now, add to that, getting their hands on the hard to find and even more expensive PPE and disinfecting supplies they need to operate safely.

Local restaurant owner Eric Williams, of Momocho and El Carnicero, tells me some supplies they desperately need, like gloves, are in short supply.

“Some PPE is very difficult to get. Not that it’s unavailable. But it’s unavailable in a respectful, meaningful way,” he said.

He’s experienced long wait times, incomplete orders and of course, price hikes because of they’re in such high demand.

“They’ve quadrupled in price. An expense before was ‘I’ll spend $40 and make sure that our kitchens use disposable nitro gloves.’ Now I have to spend $140 to $280 a week to keep the staff in nitro gloves,” Williams said.

PPE and disinfectant supplies are hard to come by and very expensive for restaurants and bars trying to stay open and...

Posted by Jen Picciano Cleveland 19 on Monday, October 19, 2020

Williams says more people have to wear them than before, bussers and bartenders now, for example. And everyone has to change them more often.

Steramine tablets, which are used to clean and sanitize quickly, used to be about $58 dollars for a six pack, but Williams says they are now in the hundreds.

According to Dean Supply Company, gloves in particular are still seeing a global shortage.

“The cost of gloves has increased over 150% since March,” said Michael DeSatnik, of Dean Supply.

According to the Glove Market Update published by FoodHandler, factories are pushing orders into 2021-2022 with lead times beyond 180 days while global demand is upwards of 300 to 400%.

“A lot of it is hard to come by but you have to be patient. But when you do get it it’s going to be ridiculously priced and it’s just part of the game we’re going to play for a while,” Williams said.

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