Cleveland Browns Head Coach Kevin Stefanski: ‘I learned a lesson in a hard way’

Browns head coach takes blame for loss to Steelers

Stefanski takes blame

CLEVELAND, Ohio (WOIO) - There are a handful of teams that the Browns may not be ready to hang with just yet.

Unfortunately for them, two of them are in their division.

A 38-6 loss to the Ravens on opening day. A 38-7 loss to the Steelers yesterday.

And in between, a four-game win streak.

What does that tell us? It tells us that while the Browns have taken big steps forward this season, they still have a lot of work to do to beat the serious contenders.

The good news? They did bounce back after that first thumping, against the very team they’re going to see in Cincinnati on Sunday.

“You’re going to lose some games,” head coach Kevin Stefanski said during his Monday zoom meeting with reporters. "What do you do with those losses? How do you learn from them? How do you respond?

In Week 2, Baker Mayfield and the Browns responded with a 35-30 win over Joe Burrow and the Bengals. It was one of Mayfield’s best performances this season.

But lately, he’s struggled to find consistency, and yesterday was a disaster. A pick-six on his first throw of the day. Two interceptions overall.

The team that’s been forcing turnovers was now turning the ball over. Against a defense that’s overwhelming.

“I think we got away from a lot of things that we were doing to win some ballgames,” Stefanski said. "If you don’t play clean on the road against a good team, you’re not going to come away with a victory.

“I think there’s improvement to be had across the board. I have a hard time singling one guy out in a game like this one.”

Mayfield was also sacked four times, adding to the pain of those bruised ribs.

“Our plan was to keep him clean and we didn’t do that,” Stefanski said.

They failed to do a lot of things. Including converting on third down, where they were 1-for-12.

“There’s plays that we ran yesterday that I wouldn’t run again,” Stefanski says. “I learned a lesson in a hard way.”

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