Northeast Ohio company develops technology to combat COVID-19

Middleburg Heights medical group has a device that eliminates the coronavirus
Updated: Oct. 22, 2020 at 6:15 PM EDT
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MIDDLEBURG HEIGHTS, Ohio (WOIO) - Imagine a device made in Ohio that can make COVID-19 disappear more than 99.9% of the time.

Well, think no more because that is just what the Diversey Moon Beam 3 does.

Developed and created in Middleburg Heights by the Daylight Medical company, the Moon Beam 3 is designed to eliminate dangerous bacteria and viruses of virtually all kinds, including COVID-19.

“Now with COVID-19, we kill that virus in seconds,” Daylight Medical President Gary Enos said.

The disinfection applications that make up the Moon Beam 3 can identify and eliminate the coronavirus in four seconds according to research.

Since 2015, Daylight Medical has been on the frontlines of creating proven medical devices that detect hidden dangerous pathogens.

“We are extremely proud that it is here in Middleburg Heights and it’s out of Ohio and its technology going around the world,” Enos proudly proclaimed.

With a price tag of a little over $31,000, the Moon Beam 3 has captured the attention of hospitals, EMS services, and some transportation services.

Locally, Southwest General and University Hospitals have purchased units.

Meanwhile, the Middleburg Heights Fire Department claims their employees feel more relaxed having its ambulance crews escorting patients in a vehicle completely sanitized by the Moon Beam 3 within a matter of seconds.

“The use of this for 90 seconds in the back of the rescue squad protects our people as well as the next patient coming into the back of our ambulance,” Middleburg Heights Assistant Fire Chief John Desmarteua said.

Daylight Medical is convinced that the UV-C system that it uses was just tested against a live strain of COVID-19.

The results were outstanding and far from ordinary.

In less than five seconds, Diversey Moon Beam 3 destroyed the virus with a 99.9999% reduction, making it the first and only 254nm UV-C system proven against COVID-19.

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