Strongsville parents express concern over school district’s decision to switch back to in-person learning

Board of Education voted 3 to 2 to continue in-person one more week and then to remote learning.

Strongsville parents express concern over school district’s decision to switch back to in-person

CLEVELAND, Ohio (WOIO) - A major decision for the Strongsville Board of Education. In a regularly scheduled meeting that lasted for more than two and a half hours the board vote 3 to 2 in favor of the district continuing in-person learning for one more week, and then the following week the district will go back to remote learning.

COVID-19 and the classroom became an issue when some parents said the school district did not do what they promised if the number of coronavirus cases increased, and Cuyahoga County went back to the red alert level.

Three parents went before the board to speak, saying this is not political they just want the Strongsville Board of Education to return to remote learning since the number of people infected by the coronavirus is on the rise.

In-person classes began on Monday as scheduled, even though the number of people contracting the coronavirus in Cuyahoga County increased.

Parents in the Strongsville district sent photos to 19 News of crowded hallways in the district, and no social distancing as a crowd of students stood almost shoulder to shoulder in front of the high school.

Parent Jenny Crosby want the superintendent to have the authority to make the call on if in-person or remote learning should take place. Crosby says working in a major hospital in the area she’s seen what the coronavirus can do, “We’re asking you to provide remote learning for the students and the teachers. This is not political.”

The board made it clear that no students have been infected with the virus at the district. President of the Strongsville Board of Education Richard O. Micko put the issue to a vote saying the in-person learning will continue for another week and then remote learning the following week. The board also agreed that the superintendent can make the decision about what form learning will take if the county is at the yellow, orange or purple alert level. The board will meet and decide in the future when Cuyahoga County is at the red level.

The superintendent also asked that they do aware with the rule of a week of notification before changing the learning method.

Board of Education members Seth Roberts and Sherri Buckner-Sallee expressed concerns about the students being in school when the number of coronavirus cases continue to soar.

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