Brooklyn carjacking victim robbed at gunpoint in broad daylight recounts terrifying ordeal

Victim was carjacked and robbed, after leaving ice cream shop

Brooklyn carjacking victim robbed at gunpoint in broad daylight recounts incident

BROOKLYN, Ohio (WOIO) - A young woman was dragged to the ground and then robbed and carjacked at gunpoint.

What’s even scarier is that this happened during the middle of the day at a local shopping plaza.

Imagine getting ice cream on a warm day, only to have that day ruined by being the victim of a criminal act.

That’s exactly what happened to Alicia.

On Wednesday, she was leaving the Cold Stone Creamery location at Ridge Park Square in Brooklyn.

It was just before noon.

Alicia recounts the incident, step-by-step.

“I had a hoodie on and someone grabbed my hood. But it felt like a joke... like someone who knew me and saw me out in public and was just like joking with me.”

But this was no prank, as Alicia was coming face-to-face with two thieves.

“And then I felt myself go backward and then an arm around my neck,” said Alicia.

The attacker spun her around and put a gun to her face, telling her “shut up and don’t move” repeatedly.

“I don’t remember if I started to scream because of how I was shocked.”

The individuals took Alicia’s wallet, keys, and car. “I was like, ‘there’s no way no one saw this.’”

But there was one good Samaritan who witnessed what happened.

“She ran over to me and started opening doors and asking people to call 911.”

This is the transcript of the 911 call:

Dispatcher: “911... the city of your emergency?”

Caller: “Yes, can you send a police here at Cold Stone on Ridge Road?”

Alicia didn’t have time to process what was going on, only listening to the demands of her attacker. She kept her cool, but Alicia says she simply blacked out throughout most of the ordeal. “I don’t remember... I know there was at least one other person with him. I could not identify him if you asked me too, because he had a mask on.”

The thieves took Alicia’s vehicle on a joyride, damaging the front end and leaving ashes on the inside. “There’s nothing in that car or in my purse that’s valuable.”

The only thing of value is that Alicia was able to tell her story.

“I hope they’re found, but I’m not. Anything they took, that doesn’t. They don’t get anything out of this.”

One person was arrested, but authorities are still looking for another suspect.

Call Brooklyn Police at (216) 749-1234 if you have any information.

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