Jennings Nursing Home family told their loved one has tested positive for COVID-19

Another Jennings Nursing Home resident tested for coronavirus.

Jennings Nursing Home family told their love one has tested positive for Covid-19

GARFIELD HEIGHTS, Ohio (WOIO) - Brenda Webb has been on a rollercoaster ride monitoring the spike of COVID-19 cases at the Jennings Nursing Home in Garfield Heights.

Webb’s mother Lorene tested positive Thursday morning and taken to University Hospital.

However, on Thursday night, she was back at Jennings in an isolated room recovering.

“I didn’t find out she had tested positive till after she had left. But the good thing was that she was stable, and she was able to go back to the nursing home in an isolated area. And she’s not on a ventilator and I thank Jennings for taking good care of my mom,” said a sobbing Brenda Webb.

The emotions of this up and down cycle have been difficult on Webb’s 17-year-old son Reggie Walker, knowing his grandmother has been hospitalized and he has no way of seeing her.

“I was devastated. You know, she said she was always scared of this virus. Her friends and all her neighbor’s at the nursing home tested positive and they’ve been moved out. She was the last one. And I know she felt lonely,” stated Reggie Walker.

Meanwhile, many of the staff at Jennings had to undergo strict COVID-19 testing mandated by the state health department after more than 10 staffers and residents tested positive for the virus.

All across the country, COVID-19 numbers are on the rise, and Jennings Nursing Home is no exception.

Reggie Walker summed it up this way; “It’s a lot of people who have tested positive and lost their lives... you have to take this very seriously because you could be next.”

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