Groups helping seniors this election: Traditionally, most reliable voters most impacted by coronavirus

Benjamin Rose Institute on Aging stresses grass roots efforts to help
Groups like Benjamin Rose trying to make sure seniors can vote, either at the polls or by mail
Groups like Benjamin Rose trying to make sure seniors can vote, either at the polls or by mail(Vic Gideon)
Updated: Oct. 27, 2020 at 9:41 AM EDT
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CLEVELAND, Ohio (WOIO) - Election Day is usually the day for seniors to shine.

“Generally, older adults are among the most engaged voters,” said Orion Bell, CEO of The Benjamin Rose Institute on Aging.

But coronavirus has made it more difficult for seniors this year, some fearful of voting in-person on Election Day and others confused about early or absentee voting.

“One of the things we did and organizations that serve older adults do is to make sure that people knew is the option for absentee voting," said Bell. "We did things like sent the information out with home delivered meals and some of those kinds of activities as well.”

Nursing homes and care facilities have spearheaded efforts to make sure seniors are registered, have applied for absentee ballots, and can get to the polls. But sometimes the efforts need to be even more grassroots.

“Most older adults don’t live in a care facility. They live in the neighborhood," Bell said.

Groups like Benjamin Rose say if seniors want to vote in person, they can be confident.

“There’s magic in being able to vote on Election Day and every effort is being made to make sure it’s a safe and convenient process,” Bell said. “If you’re concerned about voting and you want to go to vote at your precinct and your precinct is open, every effort’s being made, you should feel safe voting on Election Day.”

If you have any questions about polling locations or the status of an absentee ballot, log onto

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