Ohio officials urge people to request absentee ballots no later than Tuesday

Ohio officials urging people to request absentee ballots no later than Tuesday

CLEVELAND, Ohio (WOIO) - Oct. 27 marks an important deadline for those of you planning to vote by mail.

“The 27th of October is really the last day people in Ohio should be requesting their absentee ballot,” said Ohio Secretary of State Frank LaRose.

Ohioans can request an absentee ballot until Saturday at noon. It’s just unlikely you will get your ballot and be able to send it back in time.

“The sooner we can get them back, we can actually start processing those ballots,” said Tony Perlatti, director of Cuyahoga County Board of Elections.

Perlatti tells us if people send in their ballots early, that can have a direct impact on if we have a decision on Election Night.

“We can’t scan a ballot or process it until we receive it, so if people get it back to us soon, we’ll be able to report a lot of results on election night,” Perlatti added.

Perlatti says keep in mind this is a huge election so there’s no guarantee they will have all the ballots counted at the end of Election Day.

“Any presidential election, those results come in mid-morning or the day after, midnight is not a requirement, deadline or any of those things,” said Perlatti.

Here in Ohio, you need to have your ballot filled out and postmarked by Nov. 2.

You can also skip the mail part all together and put your ballot in your local board of elections' drop box.

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