Cleveland Councilman begins movement to help hundreds of women get their concealed carry permits

Cleveland Councilman begins movement to help hundreds of women get their concealed carry permits

CLEVELAND, Ohio (WOIO) - A call to action has triggered a movement among women in Cleveland, aiming to protect themselves. It’s called “Secure Our Women” and a Cleveland Councilman is hoping to have 1,000 women laser focused on getting their concealed carry permits.

Single mothers, career women and some who have a man at home are tired of the statistics – that have more women and children being caught in the crossfire of violence on the streets.

Violence has put women in it’s sights far too many times. A young mother and Cleveland Model Shalaymiah Moore who walked the runways in New York, and was set to model in London in February was shot and killed during a robbery as she sat in her car. Two women were shot, and one died during a dispute at an East Side gas station.

19 News met up with Kim Scott during target practice at the Parma Armory. She already has her concealed carry permit and for good reason. “I got my CCW because I was actually robbed one time and I’m a business owner. Women and babies used to be protected from crime.”

But times have changed and now hundreds of women in the Cleveland area have decided to turn the tables on gun violence -- and it’s triggered the “Secure Our Women” movement.

Cleveland Councilman Basheer Jones put out the call to action and says about 800 women have responded to get their concealed carry permit, and legally arm themselves with a gun to protect themselves and their loved ones.

Councilman Jones says, “We know that in the past 25 years Cleveland has been ranked one of the most dangerous cities in the nation for women.”

Ebony Canion says crime has come knocking at her door more than once, and the widow and mother who is also handicapped, says she refuses to bury another child. “I was run over and left for dead in 2012 by a female. And like I said my son was murdered in 2018. I never liked guns and didn’t want them around me or anything but sometimes you’ve got to put your fears to the side and protect your family.”

CCW Instructor Isa Abdul Matin of Stephens Sporting Life in Cleveland says this effort is not about putting more guns on the street, it’s about law-abiding citizens who want to put their safety and security in their own hands. “The woman is being the husband, she’s being the mother, the babysitter, the educator. She’s got all of this stuff on her plate – who’s going to protect her.”

Councilman Jones says things have to change, “If we don’t stand up for our women, our children will continue to be doomed and we will continue to be doomed.”

Several CCW Instructors who will be training the women have cut their fee in some cases by half to make getting the permits affordable to everyone.

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