Dental hygienists are in high demand amid COVID-19 pandemic

Shaker Heights dentist Malcom Walters Jr. values his hygienist

Dental hygienist are in high demand

CLEVELAND, Ohio (WOIO) - If you ask Dr. Malcom Waters Jr. who’s the most valuable player at his dental practice, he will quickly point you in the direction of his Dental Hygienist.

“It’s harder to get a dental hygienist,” said Dr. Walters.

He went on with his appreciation for these brave men and women who put themselves in danger every time they evaluate a new patient.

“The hygienist is the first line of defense. And seeing everybody before I even walk in the room. Like I said, they are worth it. They work every day 4-16 inches from your face every day, and they are very concerned about working, and I respect that.”

That’s because all across America, the expertise that hygienists bring to the table has increased their value as COVID-19 continues to dominate the headlines.

Right now, staffing agencies can’t keep hygienists on their roster, and they are going to the highest bidder.

Cynthia Page is the office manager for Dr. Malcom Waters, and she said you better be prepared to hand over more cash because this job isn’t cheap anymore.

“None are available. If we get one for this week, it might take more than two weeks to get one,” said Page.

Nationwide dentists are adjusting to the safety measures that COVID-19 presents; and for Malcolm Walters, those challenges can be demanding but needed.

“We talk about responsibilities, and I have a responsibility to protect myself because so many people will be affected if I can’t work, but we do our best, and we value the services our hygienist brings us every day,” said Dr. Walters.

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