Hooray for Hollywood!

Rashard “Hollywood” Higgins playing huge role for Browns

Hooray for Hollywood!
Browns Beat regular season (Source: woio)

CLEVELAND, Ohio (WOIO) - Maybe the most interesting thing about “The Catch”, besides the fact that it set up the game-winning touchdown, is that Rashard Higgins says it’s not even the best catch of his life. He had catches like that in college.

But ... you do it in the NFL, and it becomes a screenshot.

“I just went up and tried to high-point the ball and come down with it,” Higgins said. “Like I’ve been saying, whatever I can do to help the team, I’m here for.”

There were about :40 left when Baker threw that ball to Rashard. The Browns were down three. A lot of fans were hoping for a game-tying field goal. Mayfield was looking for more.

“When the play was called, I was like ‘Baker, just be ready for the back shoulder’,” Higgins said. “Baker said ‘the hell with that, I’m throwing the ball down the field, and you’re going to get it’. Those were his exact words.”

Higgins was one receiver who didn’t find the end zone in Cincinnati, but he did everything else. Six catches for 110 yards, including a 20-yarder to kickstart a scoring drive earlier in the fourth, and that 30-yarder that was captured in a freeze-frame.

Don’t be surprised by anything Higgins does. He isn’t. And there’s a good reason for that.

“I practice hard, so when things like that come, that’s like a routine catch,” Higgins said. “So it wasn’t anything spectacular for me. I just went up and high-pointed the ball and came down with it.”

“He has great hands,” Kareem Hunt said. “I’ve seen him make catches like that in practice, so it’s not shocking to me. I know that he can make the plays.”

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