Neighbors question why two vehicles damaged in a hit/skip were not towed right away

Neighbors question why two vehicles damaged in a hit/skip were not towed right away

CLEVELAND, Ohio (WOIO) - 19 News investigates and asks why a car accident took hours to clean up on Cleveland’s east side?

People in the neighborhood question why police did not call a tow truck to haul the damaged vehicles away after gathering evidence?

Two vehicles were involved in a hit/skip accident early Friday afternoon and sat damaged outside of a business on East 105th and Garfield it’s estimated for more than five hours.

The car and SUV blocked the sidewalk in front of B and M BBQ, and at least one of the vehicles was covered in blood, with broken glass inside and out.

One woman who identifies herself as Mrs. Owens was concerned about what happened to the people who were inside the vehicles, and outraged that vehicles were sitting there for anyone to just walk up to, “I’m shocked as hell. Blood on this car busted windows. This is a place of business. They don’t want to see this in front of their place of business.”

It was clear one vehicle crashed into the pole and was still lodged against it with yellow police caution tape wrapped around parts of the vehicle. But no police officers were in sight when our 19 News cameras were there for several hours. Witnesses told 19 News the crash happened hours earlier.

Cleveland Police confirmed that this was the scene of an earlier hit/skip accident but had few other details. We’ve learned a female in the SUV was taken to the hospital, but the extent of her injuries is unknown. Witnesses question why the heavily damaged cars were not towed away immediately after a police investigation, as a matter of protocol and safety.

Neighbor Jeff Walls says this is not what taxpayers pay for, “Oh it makes me terribly upset because if this were in Shaker Heights or Mayfield, or someplace else, the cops would still be here.”

A man who did not want to be identified tells 19 News he witnessed the hit/skip accident. The witness says he threw a brick through one of the windows of the car to help the two people trapped inside get out. But he says the two young men grabbed a cell phone and took off running.

Cheree Grace is a grandmother and tells me she’s worried about what happened to the victims of the crash and concerned about children walking near a vehicle covered in blood and broken glass, “No I don’t think it’s safe at all. No, it’s not safe. I’m surprised the cars are still sitting here, no police have come and did what they are supposed to do about it.”

Jeff Walls says the city needs to, “Tow them out of here.”

At about 8:10 Friday evening, 19 News spoke with Councilman Kevin Conwell for a second time, and he actually drove by the scene and said at that time there were numerous officers by the vehicles, as well as a tow truck.

This all happened after 19 News asked Cleveland Police to respond to the community’s concerns about why the vehicles had not been towed away. At this time Cleveland Police have not responded to the request for comment or to explain if there were extenuating circumstances.

Stay with 19 News for further updates.

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