The checklist you must have if you want to travel for Thanksgiving during pandemic

Nothing is 100% but this checklist will help mitigate risk of spread to your family.

The checklist you must have if you want to travel for Thanksgiving during pandemic

CLEVELAND, Ohio (WOIO) - Thanksgiving is a little less than three weeks away, and that gives you just enough time to complete a Thanksgiving travel checklist from Dr. Amy Edwards, University Hospital’s infectious disease expert if you plan to be with family.

While Dr. Edwards said nothing is 100% to protect you from COVID-19, or grandma, there are things you can do to mitigate risk.

“You have to think about grandma’s health and how are you going to feel two weeks after Thanksgiving when grandma is in the hospital because you came and visited her for Thanksgiving,” Edward said. “I’m not trying to make it sound doom and gloom, but seriously you have to think about that.”

Edward’s number one recommendation is to only celebrate with people from your household.

If you don’t follow that tip, here is the checklist from Edwards that will help minimize the chance of you getting sick or spreading COVID-19 to family or friends.

  • Everyone should isolate for the 14 days before they celebrate (especially if there will be eating or singing or other high risk activities), and by isolate, I mean real isolation. No grocery shopping, no eating out, no going over to friend’s houses, etc.
  • Everyone should travel in the safest way possible. Preferably you should only celebrate with people who live in the same area as you do.
  • Everyone should wear masks and keep their distance from people who don’t share a household as much as possible.
  • No one with symptoms, or recent exposure, or pending COVID test should participate in any group activity.
  • Hold the activity outside whenever possible, use well ventilated indoor sites when outdoor space not possible.

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