TSA finds gun in man’s carry-on bag at Akron-Canton Airport

TSA finds gun in man’s carry-on bag at Akron-Canton Airport
Police escorted the man and weapon away from the airport. (Source: TSA)

NORTH CANTON, Ohio (WOIO) - Skies are safer now that TSA stopped a gun from infiltrating an Akron-Canton Airport plane.

A man’s trip was interrupted after TSA prevented him from bringing a loaded .38 caliber handgun and magazine with eight bullets onto an airplane, according to a TSA release.

The gun, which TSA found around 11:30 a.m., was placed in the man’s carry-on bag.

TSA notified Summit County Sheriff’s Department, and an officer escorted the man and his weapon away from the airport.

The release said the typical first offense for carrying a loaded gun into a checkpoint is $4,100.

This is the third firearm found at Akron-Canton Airport in 2020, the release said.

During this pandemic, TSA officers continue to be vigilant and intercept firearms and prohibited items at the airport security checkpoints. We recommend that all travelers pack from empty luggage and carry-on bags to ensure prohibited items are not included in their belongings.
Don Barker, TSA Federal Security Director for Ohio

Click here for TSA’s directions on how to safely, properly travel with a firearm.

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