Cleveland woman wants city to fix damaged sidewalk but they’re denying her claims, saying it’s on her

Published: Nov. 9, 2020 at 7:09 PM EST
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CLEVELAND, Ohio (WOIO) -A Cleveland woman is looking for answers about her broken sidewalk after the City removed a tree on her street, leaving part of the E 128th Street sidewalk cracked and destroyed. Vickey Sanders reached out to 19 News after the City denied her multiple claims.

“There was a huge tree there. It was completely dead, and the City cut it down, but in the process, they broke the waterline, they left pieces, and the sidewalk is broken from one side to the other,” said Sanders. She said that was about two years ago. Ever since Sanders said she’s tried to get the City to repair the damage, “I would like for someone to please come out here and fix it.” But she hasn’t had any luck. She said while the cracks may not look big now, she wants them repaired before they get worse or even dangerous.

“In the long term, it’s going to get worse. The sidewalk’s going to start spreading, then it’s going to be completely cracked from one end to another. I’m just trying to get the problem taken care of now.”

She said she was told it’s her responsibility to repair. “They’re telling me it’s my responsibility to fix the sidewalk. I disagree.” She said it would cost her three to four thousand dollars, money she doesn’t have.

She says she contacted Jennifer Kipp at Urban Forestry for the City of Cleveland and her Councilman, Blane Griffin. She also filed multiple claims with the City which were denied. In a phone conversation with 19 News, Councilman Griffin said he’d done everything he can for her. Since he’s not in control of the forestry department, his hands are tied if they deny her claims.

The Urban Forestry department didn’t immediately respond to calls inquiring why her claims were denied.

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