Painesville family on edge after their cars stolen and home broken into

Painesville family on edge after their cars stolen and home broken into

PAINESVILLE, Ohio (WOIO) - Police are investigating a rash of car break-ins and car thefts in a Lake County neighborhood. The crimes could be connected to a larger crime spree happening across Northeast Ohio.

One Painesville man is still shaken up after his car and home was broken into, so he did not want to be identified.

The homeowner said thieves broke into his first car and then stole his garage door opener out of that car. He says they then went into his garage and into his home, where they stole the second set of keys for another vehicle. They stole thousands of dollars worth of items from both cars and his garage before stealing his car.

“Saturday night around 4 A.M., my girlfriend heard the garage door open,” the victim recalled. “She went down to take a look and noticed that my car was missing.”

He says he is almost positive he locked his car that was in his driveway. The thieves also stole his Apple watch, 2,500 dollars' worth of golf clubs from his garage, as well as his wallet.

“Very violated and then with my wallet and credit cards missing, you know I got an alert after canceling all my cards that my card was attempted to be used at a gas station in Cleveland and that even angered me more,” the victim said.

A couple of weeks ago, 19 News told you about a rash of car break-ins happening in nearly every city across Northeast Ohio. In those cases, detectives told us the crooks would often break into a car and use the garage door opener to gain access to the home to steal the car keys. This homeowner said his neighbors a few houses down also had their cars and homes broken into that same night.

“I know it’s been especially here in Lake County it’s been a huge issue over the past couple months with this type of MO of car theft,” the victim said.

He said his family no longer feels safe in their home.

“Now we have to change the way that we have always lived,” he said. “Last night being the first night since this has happened you know our daughter when it was time for bed was terrified wouldn’t go into her bed had to sleep with us crying you know worried about if somebody is gonna come back into the house and harm us.”

19 News reached out to Painesville Police to see if they think that this incident is related to the other cars that were stolen across Northeast Ohio, we am still waiting to hear back from them.

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