Cleveland Clinic takes proactive measures to ensure enough hospital beds for increase in COVID-19 cases, other emergencies

Cleveland Clinic takes proactive measures to ensure enough hospital beds for increase in coronavirus

CLEVELAND, Ohio (WOIO) -The number of daily coronavirus cases has quadrupled since the pandemic began nearly nine months ago.

The dramatic increase in cases statewide has the Cleveland Clinic taking pro-active steps to ensure enough hospital beds for those with COVID-19 or any other serious illness or emergency.

19 News has learned that surgeries at the Cleveland Clinic that require a hospital stay and are “non-essential” and are scheduled for Friday, Nov. 13, and Monday, Nov. 16, will be postponed or rescheduled.

They want to make sure that when you need a hospital bed, one will be available, whether it’s for someone who contracted the coronavirus or a patient who had a heart attack.

Ohio Governor Mike DeWine says, “During this spring and summer the most COVID-19 patients we ever had in the hospital at one time was a little over 1100. Last week we were at almost 2,000 COVID patients in our hospitals. Today, one week later, we are now approaching 3,000.”

There are not only more patients being hospitalized in Ohio due to this most recent phase of COVID-19, but Governor DeWine also contends more coronavirus patients are being treated in the ICU receiving critical care.

The very reasons why the Cleveland Clinic is taking steps to make sure there are enough hospital beds available if you have the virus or another emergency.

Dr. Raed Dweik is the Chairman of the Lerner Research Institute at the Cleveland Clinic, “One of the things we started doing this week based on the numbers that you’re seeing is for this Friday and Monday we’ve rescheduled all elective surgeries that require hospital admission. So this way, it will save us hospital beds that we need to take care of these patients.”

Surgeries at the Cleveland Clinic that are outpatient and not requiring a bed will still have their surgeries remain as scheduled and go home the same day. Dr. Dweik says their decision is based on three things because other emergencies don’t stop just because there is a pandemic, “You think about space, which is beds, to make sure we have sufficient beds. The other one is staffing to make sure we have enough caregivers, doctors, nurses, physical therapists, etc. And also make sure we have supplies PPE’s and ventilators.”

To be clear, this is just at the Cleveland Clinic, but Governor DeWine reminded everyone that if we all don’t take measures to prevent the coronavirus immediately, a shortage of beds and other medical essentials could happen in just a few short weeks.

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