‘There isn’t anyone to come to the rescue,’ University Hospital doctor warns

Doctor reacts to Gov. DeWine’s statewide message

‘There isn’t anyone to come to the rescue,’ University Hospital doctor warns

CLEVELAND, Ohio (WOIO) - After Gov. Mike DeWine addressed the state Wednesday evening, doctors have a message of their own.

“We need to stop what we’re doing, refocus and keep each other safe,” said Dr. Claudia Hoyen, co-director at University Hospitals.

Dr. Hoyen says the governor’s measures aren’t meant to be punitive; instead, people must continue to wash their hands, social distance, avoid gatherings, and wear a mask.

“These are not things that we can do one and not the other; these are things that we need to be doing all of the time,” said Dr. Hoyen.

As Gov. DeWine re-issued a mask order for businesses, Dr. Hoyen says masks work in stopping the spread of COVID-19.

“I’ve seen them work as I’ve seen patients who’ve had COVID and not gotten COVID because I’m wearing a mask and we know that they work in the community,” said Dr. Hoyen.

If this current trend of rising cases continues, Dr. Hoyen says hospitals will be overwhelmed in the coming weeks. She says there are too many critical healthcare jobs.

“We can’t just pull somebody off the street to run a ventilator in an ICU, so we need doctors and respiratory therapists. We need all of these people to be able to do their job,” said Dr. Hoyen.

Gov. DeWine referred to this recent surge as the third wave, calling it dangerous. Dr. Hoyen says this time is different from when the pandemic first began in the Spring.

“You might remember people from Cleveland actually went to New York to help those doctors and nurses. That will not happen now because many parts of the country are surging at the same time. There isn’t anyone to come to the rescue,” said Dr. Hoyen.

During his message, DeWine also mentioned the vaccine for the coronavirus that’s on the horizon, but Dr. Hoyen says it won’t be available to everyone right away. She says it’s essential for people to go back to the basics to keep everyone safe.

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