Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine on CBS This Morning: ‘We don’t want anyone fighting’ over mask usage (video)

Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine on CBS This Morning: ‘We don’t want anyone fighting’ over mask usage (video)
caption (Source: CBS This Morning)

OHIO (WOIO) - Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine joined CBS This Morning Thursday to discuss Ohio’s response to surging coronavirus cases in the state.

In a Wednesday press conference, DeWine reissued a mask mandate for Ohio and announced the creation of a taskforce to monitor mask compliance.

He told his constituents restrictions could become stricter in a week if virus cases continuing rising.

DeWine told CBS he’s confident a taskforce will be able to better enforce mask compliance.

He said it can be tough for store owners and managers to enforce masks because of the fear on confrontation.

The first time a business is caught violating the policy it will receive a written warning, DeWine said.

The second time the business is caught allowing customers or patrons to go unmasked they will be ordered closed for 24 hours.

DeWine said he believes Ohio will initially be sent around 30,000 doses of the COVID-19 vaccine.

He said Ohio’s vaccination plan will begin by prioritizing the vaccination of people in congregating settings, specifically nursing home workers.

The virus moves faster than it did in spring and summer, DeWine said.

“There is light out there, there’s hope," DeWine said. ”We just got to get through the winter."

DeWine suggested a reason for increased spread could be because people spend more time inside during cold weather.

He also referenced COVID-19 fatigue.

When people are in the presence of friends and family, they let their guard down, the governor said.

DeWine said Ohio’s rural counties are leading the state in COVID-19 cases.

DeWine said he continues to take part in national COVID-19 discussions with Vice President Mike Pence.

He said Democrat governors, Republican governors and doctors all take part in the calls.

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