Ohio’s largest ever bourbon bottle lottery has winners sipping extremely rare stock

Tens of thousands sign-up for chance to purchase some of the rarest bourbon money can buy.

Ohio’s largest ever bourbon bottle lottery has winners sipping extremely rare stock
For the third year, Ohio's Division of Liquor Control held a lottery to win a chance to buy some of the rarest bourbons that will make it into the state. (Source: Ohio Liquor Control)

CLEVELAND, Ohio (WOIO) -There are some happy bourbon drinkers all over Ohio, when last week they won a chance to purchase some of the most rare bourbons sold in the state this year.

The Ohio Department of Commerce, Division of Liquor Control (DLC) has developed a very unique process for making sure all Ohioans have a chance to buy the extremely limited number of bottles.

Instead of shipping the liquor to various state controlled stores, where the average person may never have a chance to buy one, there is a registration and lottery process.

You don’t win a free bottle, as it is illegal to give away alcohol for free in Ohio, but you win the right to purchase them at retail prices.

This year, there were four separate drawings for four levels of rarity.

The bottles ranged from around $100 in the week one drawing, and as high as $2,500 for a small set of bottles in week four.

“We’ve never before held a lottery with 12 products at once,” according to Lindsey LeBerth with the DLC. “The variety is a testament to the appealing market we’ve built in Ohio for bourbon manufacturers. Interest in the bourbon category continues to grow in Ohio.”

According to DLC here are the number of people who registered for each weeks' drawings and the bottles they were hoping for:

  • Week 1 (E.H. Taylor Amaranth, Elmer T. Lee 100th Tribute Edition, E.H. Taylor Jr. 18 Year Marriage) – 40,671
  • Week 2 (Old Fitzgerald 9 year, Old Fitzgerald 15 Year, Rockhill Farms) – 30,165
  • Week 3 (Mister Sam, King of Kentucky, Old Forester Birthday) – 27,230
  • Week 4 (Double Eagle Very Rare, Old Fashioned Copper (O.F.C.), Woodford Reserve Baccarat) – 18,653

Winners were announced last week, and can be found here.

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