Hidden camera: Are Cleveland businesses enforcing the state’s mask mandate?

19 Investigates goes undercover to see if Cleveland businesses are enforcing the state’s mask mandate - clipped version

CLEVELAND, Ohio (WOIO) - Are people complying with the governor’s latest mask order? And, are businesses enforcing the rules?

19 News investigators went undercover with a hidden camera to find out.

The majority of shoppers we saw at The Steelyard Commons at least had a mask with them. But compliance was not perfect.

One woman we saw in Marshall’s was about to check out. She stopped to look at face masks on display, while her own was pushed down around her chin.

At Target, employees were standing inside the entrances, enforcing the rules posted on their signs.

Retail establishments are now required to post mask requirements outside of businesses, according to a new mandate by the governor. All the stores we visited in fact were in compliance with that order.

While businesses were in compliance, many shoppers were not wearing their masks properly. Some shoppers were walking around with masks covering only their mouths.

We also saw one man standing in a cosmetics isle with his mask hanging from one ear. Our cameras were rolling though, when a Target employee walked by and told him he had to put it all the way on.

In Home Depot, we found that again most shoppers are wearing their required facial coverings correctly. But two women who stop to chat with each other in the store with their masks pulled down.

Another man walked in without a mask even in sight.

Finally, we went into Aldi.

As we rolled up and down the isles of food, we saw fully masked shoppers gathering the necessities. It’d be fair to say we found the least amount of people not wearing a mask or wearing their masks incorrectly at the grocery store.

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