Governor DeWine in Cleveland hoping to get people behind his curfew plan

The governor also warns that staffing levels at Ohio hospitals could soon be at a critical level.

Governor DeWine in Cleveland hoping to get people behind his curfew plan.

CLEVELAND, Ohio (WOIO) - A day after announcing a planned curfew for the state of Ohio, Governor Mike DeWine was visiting Ohio cities, in part, to get Ohioans on board to do their part to fight back against a spreading coronavirus.

“So it’s just a phenomenal raging fire going through the state,” the governor said.

The governor’s curfew goes into effect on Thursday, and begins at 10 p.m. every evening and lifts at 5 a.m. the following morning. It will be in effect for the next three weeks.

“The curfew is one tool, the mask and retail is another tool... The third thing is not an enforcement. It is asking everyone to take that next step and cut your contacts down by 20% a day,” DeWine said. “Pull back some. All those things combined we think will work.”

The governor also sounded the alarm regarding hospital staffing as cases rise and more and more people need care.

“The real stress is going to be and is already on the personnel,” DeWine said. “We have no place to borrow nurses. We have no place to borrow doctors.”

The good news out of the governor’s visit was his anticipation of a vaccine. He expects the first 30,000 to be delivered in the state by December, he added.

“This will take a while. This will take a number of months to get done but for the first time. We now have great confidence [now that] this vaccine is here, it’s going to be used and it’s going to take us out of this great tragedy,” DeWine said.

Despite expressing cautious optimism, the governor said that we are now in “crunch time” and cannot afford to have cases rise because we now see a vaccine on the horizon.

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