Hidden camera: Do Cleveland-area big box stores consistently enforce the mask mandate location to location?

CLEVELAND, Ohio (WOIO) - Are all big box stores consistently enforcing the mask mandate in our area?

From Cleveland to the West side, we’ve spotted shoppers with masks on their chins.

To be fair, the majority of people are getting it right, but the few who aren’t covering their nose and or mouth could be spreading the virus, according to doctors.

What we found in Elyria is arguably not much different from what we saw at the Steelyard Commons in Cleveland.

The signs about the mask mandate now required by the governor, were posted outside all of the Elyria businesses we visited.

Earlier this week, however, we showed you an employee we caught on camera, asking a customer to put his mask back on correctly. As we traveled across town, we discovered that not all workers take that initiative.

We kept our distance, but spotted a woman at the Target in Elyria who was headed from the cosmetics isle to the registers. Her mask was completely pulled down.

As we followed along, we fully anticipated someone would tell her to fix it, considering that’s what we witnessed at the Target in Cleveland.

The governor continues to say it’s the store’s responsibility to enforce mask wearing.

However, the woman in Elyria went through checkout and walked out, without being forced to comply, potentially leaving others around her in a vulnerable situation.

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