Murderer says he had help while testifying in Summit County trial

Murderer says he had help while testifying in Summit County trial

AKRON, Ohio (WOIO) -Chad Cobbs’ testimony against his ex-wife Erica Stefanko left many in the courtroom with even more questions.

“I can’t understand why she was able to walk out of the police station the day that we both were put in,” said Cobb.

Cobb was sentenced to life for the death of 25-year-old Ashley Biggs, who was found dead in her car in a cornfield by authorities.

“I mean, I got hauled off to jail, and she walked back into the home of everybody and everything I loved,” said Cobb.

The prosecution believes Stefanko helped Cobb with the murder, and according to Cobb, they’re right.

He said, Stefanko ordered a pizza the night of the murder and left him at the crime scene.

A few minutes later, Biggs, who worked at dominos, showed up, and he killed her.

Cobbs’ story was reflected by a family friend who said Stefanko told her at dinner about what happened that night.

“She had dropped Chad off where the crime occurred, drove off,” said the witness “she never said where she waited for him; she said she waited for a phone call to come a pick him up.”

Cobb and Biggs were going through a custody battle, and Stefanko wanted the child to be with Cobb.

The family friend told the jury Stefanko had little remorse after her murder.

“She had said she had defecated on her grave, quote for all the, she put us through,” said a witness.

Stefano now sits with her life in the hands of the jury.

Will she walk free, or will she be in prison along with her ex-husband.

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