No dancing, no mingling: First weekend for new wedding restrictions in Ohio

No dancing and everyone seated to prevent coronavirus spread

No dancing, no mingling: First weekend for new wedding restrictions in Ohio

CLEVELAND, Ohio (WOIO) - There will be no crowded dance floors, no mingling, and everyone must be seated beginning this weekend for wedding attendants.

“Expect a difference in what you’re used to, that’s for sure!” says Will Burge, who DJs weddings for Rock the House Entertainment. “It’s definitely a different feel, a different vibe.”

It’s been a different vibe all year for venues like Red Space in the Hot Cards Warehouse at East 24th and Superior with business down by half.

“Everybody’s been really waiting that there’s some sort of clear signal that we’re past this because events are expensive to book and they’re not cheap to cancel,” says John Gadd, of Red Space. “So, it’s been a tough business to try to convince anybody to kind of look into the future and say, ‘Yeah, I want to book an event.’”

In the present, it’s a whole new experience with only the first dance and cake cutting remaining from normal wedding traditions.

“It really changes the dynamic of wedding reception entertainment,” says Burge. “It’s based on cocktail hours and dance floors and really intermingling personally, so you have to get creative in the entertainment end of things, more games in your seats, trivia, things like that.”

Business events could see changes, according to Gadd, but social events will return.

“People are going to want to get married, they’re going to want to have social events,” he says. “Business events are going to really change in the long haul after this but I’m super bullish on the future. You just have to hunker down and make it through.”

“It’s a little different that usual,” says Burge. “But, hey, it’s still a great time, it’s still somebody’s wedding!”

Even if the walk to forever starts a little later than planned. Or a little differently than expected.

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