Questions still surround the death of Arthur Keith

Questions still surround the death of Arthur Keith

CLEVELAND, Ohio (WOIO) - When you ask Cleveland attorney Stanley Jackson to give his legal definition of the cause of death that took the life of 19-year-old Arthur Keith, he is straightforward.

“Murder, it was murder, Mr. Keith didn’t deserve to be shot in the back he was fleeing, running away from the police; this was wrong,” Jackson convincingly said.

Jackson, of the Cochran Firm, who represents the family of the late Arthur Keith, who was shot in the back last more than a week ago while, according to CMHA police was running from one of their officers with a gun.

Friday, Stanley Jackson joined family members at a press conference asking for total transparency in the ongoing investigation by requesting the surveillance video that will show, is his opinion that Arthur Keith’s death was a murder.

“I have ten people who saw what happen, and none of them said he had a gun …we want to see the video, and I believe that two cameras saw it all. We believe that video will tell the whole story, and this officer must be held accountable”.

Surveillance and dashcam video have not been released. Jackson is convinced that the footage will shed new light on what really happened, and he is hoping it will conclude with CMHA and other law enforcement officers changing their behavior when they draw their guns in any situation.

“They must be held accountable for their actions. We call them professionals, and we expect them to act that way. Being scared is not an excuse nor an option to shoot,” said Jackson.

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