Reliable Snow Plow in Macedonia prepares for first big snowstorm of 2020

Reliable Snow Plow in Macedonia preparing for first big snowstorm of 2020

MACEDONIA, Ohio (WOIO) - The first big snowstorm is barreling towards Northeast Ohio and up to a foot could accumulate in some places in the Cleveland area.

“One thing unique about this storm is it’s our whole geographic footprint at one time. A lot of times we just get warm-up events where we just get it out on the East side or the South side, this is going to be all areas,” said Norm Detrick, President, and CEO of Reliable Snowplowing Specialists.

Detrick said even though the coronavirus pandemic has changed the way they operate, the folks at Reliable Snowplowing have it covered.

They’ve made about 120 changes from the way they load up the trucks, disinfect, and even to the way they pay.

“We’re preparing for the worst and expecting the best ... keeping out team safe and our customers safe,” he said.

More than 800 snow fighters and 400 trucks will be out in force, making pathways to safety. And they’ve got enough supplies to get us through it.

And as the storm nears Northeast Ohio, this team will be out and about getting us ready.

“This isn’t a shock, this is what we’re prepared to do it’s like a football team preparing for a big championship game,” said Detrick.

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