Christmas tree brings peace to those grieving this holiday season

Christmas tree brings peace to those grieving this holiday season

CLEVELAND, Ohio (WOIO) - It may just look like a regular Christmas tree to some, but the actual story lies within the ornaments.

Every ornament on the tree outside of Brunner Sanden Deitrick Funeral Home represents a loved one who will be missed this holiday season.

“Because so many people weren’t able to pay their final respects like they normally would have, maybe this is one way they’ll come and do that,” said President Adam Sanden.

For more than 20 years, this ceremony gave people a place to grieve.

It allowed community members and those the funeral home had served to be surrounded by others who understood their pain going into the holiday season.

Our team has been to many ceremonies over the years.

“This is for my dad James Crosbie who passed away on April the 8th,” said Lesley Crosbie in an interview back in 2017.

But due to COVID-19, the tradition that once brought hundreds of people together is changing.

Allowing families to come to add their ornaments whenever they choose. In hopes of promoting social distancing.

“Driving down route 20 at night and seeing the tree lit up with all the beautiful ornaments on it is really a neat thing,”. said Sanden.

The tree will be lit on Sunday, December 6th.

Ornaments can be hung at any time; if you do not have a decoration, one can be provided for you.

The funeral Home asks that you come by and pick up your ornament on January 15th.

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