Registered nurse, Dots founder from Northeast Ohio give $42M gift to MetroHealth, largest donation ever

The gift is the largest in the systems history and will be used to fund community health programs

Registered nurse, Dots founder from Northeast Ohio give $42M gift to MetroHealth, largest donation ever
JoAnn and Bob Glick made a historic $42 donation to MetroHealth to support community health programs across the city. (Source: MetroHealth)

CLEVELAND, Ohio (WOIO) - MetroHealth announced today that they received a historic gift from JoAnn and Bob Glick that they will use to reverse health inequalities and bolster community health throughout Great Cleveland, according to a hospital media release.

The gift is the largest the system has received in its 183 history and is believed to be the third largest ever given to a hospital system in the United States.

The hospital said in the release that the donation will be used to support MetroHealth programs that improve community health, particularly for woman and children.

“We hope our gift can begin to change the dynamics of health in Cleveland,” said JoAnn Glick, a registered nurse who worked in inner-city hospitals in Philadelphia and Cleveland. “A person’s health and well-being depend on so much more than traditional medical care. MetroHealth understands that and is working to improve our community’s health in ways that go far beyond the four walls of a hospital or doctor’s office.”

“MetroHealth has been overlooked for too long,” said Bob Glick, who founded Dots Inc. before selling the successful retail chain in 2011.

“It’s not just their mission, it’s the innovative ways they are achieving it. Their doctors and nurses are out in the community, in schools, in shelters, wherever they’re needed most,” he said.

The gift will be used to create two funds: The JoAnn and Bob Glick fund for Health Communities and the JoAnn Zlotnick Endowed Fund in Community Health nursing.

The first will support programs that promote health of women and children in Greater Cleveland, according to the release.

The second will support the role of nurses in improving health and health care in the city.

The Glicks have made donations to MetroHealth before, according to the release.

In 2019, they gave the system $500,000 to support two programs, the Students are Free to Express project, which uses art to treat and reverse the effects of trauma and toxic stress on children and the MetroHealth Autism Awareness Clinic, which evaluates children for autism spectrum disorders.

JoAnn Glick was a nurse who earned her degree at Case Western Reserve University’s Frances Payne Bolton School of Nursing, where she received her MSN in community health nursing.

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