Winter weather causes dangerous driving conditions across Northeast Ohio

Cars stranded on streets and highways

Winter weather causes dangerous driving conditions across Northeast Ohio

CLEVELAND, Ohio (WOIO) - Snowy roads and blowing snow made for dangerous driving conditions across Northeast Ohio Tuesday. The winter weather also left many cars stranded on the streets and the side of the interstate.

From the side of 1-71 to the off-ramps of 1-90, 19 News crews witnessed several stranded cars and even a semi-truck.

“You need to make a seasonal change in the way you drive your car,” said Jim Garrity with AAA.

AAA says they were busy with calls Tuesday, as well as local towing companies. Garrity says as winter approaches; people must remember if you don’t have to drive, don’t/

He says even if a road seems clear, it can be slick, so drivers must remember to slow down.

“Take everything you do and dial it back a little; what does that mean? That means going below the speed limit going slower than you normally go, giving yourself more room between you and all the other cars on the roadway,” said Garrity.

Several parking bans also went into effect Tuesday. Cleveland Heights Police posted a driving advisory to Facebook, asking people to avoid driving at all. Police cited several reported accidents and cars stuck in the snow as the reason for the advisory.

Garrity says dead batteries are also another cause for concern during winter weather. He says if a battery is more than three years old, it needs to be checked.

“With the quarantine, fewer people driving that means electronic charging systems haven’t had enough time to keep batteries healthy, so we’re actually concerned that we may get more dead batteries than we’ve seen,” Garrity added.

AAA advises drivers to keep an emergency kit in the trunk with blankets, water, portable chargers, and a bag of sand.

Garrity also says this first snow should serve as a reminder for people to check their tires and get new ones if needed.

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