Browns back open after brief COVID closure

Staffer tested positive

Browns back open after brief COVID closure
The helmets now feature a vibrant orange tint and brown facemasks.

CLEVELAND, Ohio (WOIO) - The Browns were dealt their latest COVID-19 scare on Wednesday morning, fortunately this one seemed to pass quickly for the team.

A staffer, who was not a coach, tested positive for the virus. That immediately kick in the the COVID procedures in place; shut down the building, players do things virtually and contact tracing gets underway. After the contact tracing was investigated the team determined it was safe to get back to business. “It is safe to open the building,” said head coach Kevin Stefanski. The team’s practice was safe to continue with, it was just going to be slightly delayed.

The team has had it’s share of COVID related issues this year, as all teams have. This is expected to be the first week back for Myles Garrett, who was on the COVID reserve list for their last two games. Stefanski still wants to get his eyes on Garrett on the practice field, but it is expected that Garrett and his 9.5 sacks will take the field Sunday in Tennessee.

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