Group of 10 public workers in Ohio win $5.9 million lottery jackpot

Group of 10 public workers in Ohio win $5.9 million lottery jackpot
Two representatives for the group, calling themselves Nick and Gery, accepted the check for the winnings. (Source: Ohio Lottery)

CLEVELAND (WOIO) - 16 years of weekly lottery tickets finally paid off for a group of public workers in Northeast Ohio.

On Nov. 23, the group calling themselves The Lucky Ten hit the $5.9 million Classic Lotto jackpot.

Nick and Gery, two representatives for the group, went to the Ohio Lottery’s Cleveland office to claim the prize.

Like many other people in The Lucky Ten, Nick said he didn’t believe Gery when he called to say they won.

“Overall, it was a real joyous reaction, but I didn’t believe Gery for a minute,” Nick said. “We had a copy of the ticket hanging at work and I read the ticket and was in complete shock.”

The group chose to take the prize as a cash option of $2.9 million.

After taxes, each person will receive $212,400.

As for their plans for their winnings? Nick said he’s setting the money aside for a while, while Gery said he’s paying off his new truck and taking care of some work in his house.

The Lucky Ten said the pool isn’t over; they still plan on buying lottery tickets every week.

“We’re hoping for Mega Millions or Powerball next!” Gery said.

The group has played the same numbers every week for 16 years.

The numbers came from an automatically generated ticket the group got the first time they purchased a ticket for the pool.

The winning numbers were: 8-13-18-26-33-39. The group purchased the winning ticket at Convenient Food Mart on East 222 Street in Euclid.

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