Dermatologist emphasizes importance of cleaning masks to prevent acne outbreaks

Garfield Heights dermatologist confirms the irritation some masks can present

Masks causing acne outbreaks

GARFIELD HEIGHTS, Ohio (WOIO) - In the last four months of the pandemic, Garfield Heights Dermatologist Dr. Tracy Ringo has seen a number of skin irritation cases caused by wearing masks.

“I had people who were calling me saying I never had acne, and I had smooth skin. They were at their wit’s end, and then they take the mask off my face looks horrendous”, said Dr. Tracy Ringo.

The Garfield Heights dermatologist is by no way suggesting that wearing a mask is not necessary; however, she wants people to be aware that all masks must be sterilized and cleaned daily.

“Whether you are using a disposable mask or a cloth mask, I say you should make sure they are clean. Medical disposable masks are good for once a day. In cases where people work in conditions where they sweat a lot, I suggest that they wash their face as much as possible, that stop the spread of bacteria that causes acne,” said Dr. Ringo.

Dr. Ringo knows there are infections that come from wearing a dirty mask or a sweaty mask for long periods of time can have a visible effect on one’s face.

She also said bad breath caused by gingivitis and other contaminants can cause your skin to break out with rashes and other problems.

“We need to be careful because so many of these case people are only showing rashes below the nose and around the jawline. These are direct areas associated with wearing a mask. We must wear a mask because COVID 19 is real and dangerous. In doing so we save lives and by washing your hands more than 3 times a day can assist in eliminating any acne or rashes that might develop from wearing a mask,” said a deliberate Ringo.

Dr. Tracy Ringo wants people to wear clean mask
Dr. Tracy Ringo wants people to wear clean mask (Source: (WOIO Ronnie Duncan))

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