East Cleveland woman hit by a car questions why so many street lights are not working, making it dangerous for pedestrians

East Cleveland woman hit by a car questions why so many street lights are not working

EAST CLEVELAND, Ohio (WOIO) - 19 News troubleshooters are being put to work after a viewer called about several streetlights not working in her neighborhood.

Christal Webster told us it’s making it dangerous once the sun goes down. The East Cleveland woman would know because she was hit by a car about one month ago as she crossed the street near her apartment.

“I don’t want to see nobody else get hit or nothing like that; I just want them to fix the damn lights,” Webster said.

Webster says some streets like the intersection of Noble and Euclid are so dark you’re taking your life in your hands just walking to the store.

“It’s a blessing that I’m still living, and I can still walk,” Webster told 19 News.

This East Cleveland mother says at least five streetlights on Euclid near Noble have been out for about a month now, and the city has failed to do anything about it.

“It’s not safe at all. East Cleveland, they need to get their stuff together and try to get these lights working,” Webster said.

“The cars be coming too fast, and they do not slow down,” according to Webster.

And several crosswalks that once signaled pedestrians when it was safe to cross the street are now covered up and unusable, the question is, why? “It’s too dangerous.”

19 News did reach out to East Cleveland city leaders, including the Mayor, to find out why so many streetlights are out, and we also wanted to know when and if they’ll be fixed? A return call for comment has not been received at this time. But 19 News plans to keep digging into the issue to find out what’s going on.

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