Myles Garrett urges people to take Covid-19 seriously

Star player battled virus, says nobody is “bulletproof”

Myles Garrett COVID update

CLEVELAND, Ohio (WOIO) - Myles Garrett, a candidate for NFL Defensive Player of the Year who has only been stopped, temporarily, by Covid-19 this season, urged people on Friday to take this virus seriously.

“I just think people are so caught up in conspiracies and trying to downplay it that they do not actually see that it can be serious in different ways,” Garrett said in his weekly zoom meeting with reporters. “Talk about how there are not many cases of people dying from it, but that is not all it is about. There are cases of people having the mental illnesses just as an effect of COVID, heart problems, lung issues and being hospitalized for days and weeks on end. There are so many things that come with being diagnosed with COVID or testing positive for COVID. You have to take it seriously. This is something that is going stay with you for a while – you do not know how long – but you just have to take care of yourself and do what you have to do to stay healthy. Whether it is affecting your head, your heart or your lungs, do what you can to bounce back. I am trying to take it as seriously as possible so I can be back correct for us of this game, end of the season and hopefully, in the playoffs.”

Garrett tested positive for Covid-19 on November 20 and missed games against the Eagles and Jaguars before returning to action against the Titans earlier this month. But one month after being diagnosed, he says he still isn’t 100%.

“I am trying,” Garrett said. “Still doing breathing treatments and I am still doing conditioning on my own, but I am feeling better each day.

“I am not sure how long it is going to take me to feel completely 100 with my wind. Physically strength wise, I feel normal. It is just about trying not to gas out too early and trying to pace myself, knowing that it can jump on me really quickly.”

Garrett, who’s tied for third in the NFL with 10.5 sacks, continues to work his way back into peak condition, while also hoping to serve as an example. In other words, nobody is bulletproof.

“I think it should,” Garrett said. “I do not think anybody should think they are the bulletproof or just because you are asymptomatic that it will not have any effect on you down the line. This is something new that nobody has ever seen before. You just have try to stay away from it if you can. If you do have it, stay away from others, make sure you try to go to the doctor and do what you can to keep this from hospitalizing you or causing further issues for yourself or your family.”

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