FBI, Cleveland police ask for help in unsolved 2011 Christmas Eve murder

FBI, Cleveland police ask for help in unsolved 2011 Christmas Eve murder

CLEVELAND, Ohio (WOIO) - Nine years has passed since James Lee See was murdered on the second floor of an abandoned home in Cleveland and his family and the FBI hope someone remembers something, anything, to finally catch the killer.

The Cleveland artist was shot in the head on Hulda Avenue Dec. 24, 2011.

“He was killed immediately,” said Vicki Anderson with the Cleveland FBI.

It’s still unclear whether See was just in the wrong place at the wrong time, or if there was a clear motive in his killing.

“James was a unique character from what I hear,” Anderson said.

Family and friends told her he’s not likely someone you would forget, if you’d crossed paths.

He used to pin objects and artwork to his clothing and wear it around Cleveland, Anderson said.

His family gave pictures to police in an effort to help find his killer.

“Some people may not know him by name, but know him due to the art that he would do,” Anderson said. “This is a difficult time for the family.”

This Christmas, Cleveland police hope 19 News viewers can help close See’s case.

“Not that closure is going to make it any easier or bring him back, but I know they would like to have answers,” Anderson said.

Specifically, Anderson said police are looking to identify two Black men who witnesses say ran out of the home on the night of the murder.

Agents want people to look closely at the picture they have of that vacant home, because it was demolished in the years after See’s death.

“So it no longer exists,” Anderson said. “So, we are trying to refresh people’s memories by showing the house and showing his photo. We are trying to find any tips or leads.”

There is reward money for any information that could lead police to an arrest in this case. If you have a tip, you’re urged to call Cleveland police at 216-623-5464 or the FBI at 216-622-6842.

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