Shipping delays hurt bottom line for small business owners in Cleveland

Local businesses are doing their best to keep up with the demand

Shipping delays hurting bottom line for local small business owners in Cleveland

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - Shipping and receiving packages has been a monumental task for many businesses during this pandemic.

With the U.S. Postal Service overwhelmed for the last couple of months, one owner said sending merchandise to his customers has been a nightmare.

“We don’t know what the hell ... heck ... is happening down there,” said Brian Lynch, owner of Only In Clev in Kamm’s Corners.

Like many other Northeast Ohio business owners, they too have been wondering the same thing.

He said his shipping struggles started late last month.

“We noticed the packages were just sitting there in limbo down at the post office. We got a message on Nov. 30, then the next date after that was Dec. 5. And it was just countless amount of parcels with the same message,” said Lynch.

And those delivery delays, have led to numerous complaints from customers about clothing they haven’t received.

“I even sent a few different people a second package, because they didn’t receive the first one. It was just, you know ... this is a new experience,” said Lynch.

And these mailing issues, which are beyond his control, are now affecting more than his bottom line.

“The tough part is having a customer question your company’s integrity,” he said, adding he’s moving on from the USPS to another shipping company.

“Without question, we’ve already made the decision. We’re switching to UPS. I’m not going to freak out about this ... the Post Office. I’m sure we’ll use them again in limited situations. We’re just not going to use them for a big Christmas rush again.”

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