25-year-old carbon monoxide detector saves Akron family’s life

CO Detector saves lives of thankful couple

AKRON, Ohio (WOIO) - A 25-year-old carbon monoxide detector saved the lives of Connie and Bob Pacanovsky.

The Pacanovskys say it’s almost like a holiday miracle.

When Bob Pacanovsky arrived home on Monday, he heard a blaring tone from the CO detector.

He called his contractor who said emphatically, “Get out of the house and call the fire department!”

The fire department came and confirmed that the couple’s heat exchanger had failed and had been pumping carbon monoxide through the vents and into the house.

“The fact that it’s 25-years-old and it was still working is lucky number two,” Connie Pacanovsky said.

This was a $50 investment they made more than two decades ago and they are urging everyone else to do the same.

But as we discovered, don’t wait 25 years to replace them.

Fire officials insist they should be changed twice a year and reminded us the batteries need to be changed twice a year as well.

“Please get one. Please get more than one. It is not that expensive... It is an investment that will save your life,” she said.

In the end, the couple is ecstatic to be alive and safe.

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