Northeast Ohio saw a lot of snow in December, but was it a record?

Updated: Jan. 1, 2021 at 11:20 AM EST
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CLEVELAND, Ohio (WOIO) - December 2020 will be remembered for many things, but when it comes to the weather in Cleveland, it will be remembered for all of the snow we saw.

We began the month of December 2020 with a major snow storm that dropped 9.5 inches of snow at Cleveland Hopkins.

[Near West Side of Cleveland hit hard by snowstorm]

That’s right!

The very first day of Meteorological Winter 2020-2021 featured a significant snowfall event, which brought us more snow in Cleveland than the last two Decembers combined.

December 2018 and December 2019 only brought us 8.1 inches of snow combined.

This year, we’d already surpassed 8.1 inches of snow before many had even finished their Thanksgiving leftovers.

[East Siders digging out after snow storm hits Cleveland suburbs hard]

How much snow did we accumulate in the Akron area from that same early December storm?

Just two measly inches.

[What areas saw the most snow? Totals are in from Tuesday’s storm]

Our next big round of wintry weather came just in time for Christmas.

Statistically speaking, we have around a 30 to 40 percent chance of having a White Christmas in northeast Ohio.

This year, however, our likelihood of seeing snow on Christmas morning was much, much higher.

Widespread snow moved into our area on Christmas Eve, much of it quite heavy at times.

[Ashtabula residents recover from Christmas Day snowstorm that buried them 32 inches deep]

This snow arrived right as many were hitting the roads on Christmas Eve, causing treacherous travel conditions across our area.

[Snowfall makes for a white Christmas but wreaks havoc on the roads for drivers in Northeast Ohio]

Snow continued into Christmas Day, especially in the Snow Belt, bringing many, myself included, the White Christmas they’d always dreamed of.

I hope that you and yours enjoyed playing in the snow on Christmas as much as I did.

In total, we accumulated 23.3 inches of snow in Cleveland in December.

That’s 9.2 inches above average!

We recorded 19.4 inches of snow in Akron in December.

That’s also 9.2 inches above average for that area.

With so much snow for the month, did we break any snowfall records?

Not in Cleveland.

The snowiest December on record in Cleveland was in 2004, when we accumulated 35.1 inches of snow.

The 10th snowiest December on record in Cleveland was in 1985, when we recorded 23.4 inches of snow.

In 2020, we fell just short of the top 10 snowiest Decembers on record.

It is a different story in Akron though.

With 19.4 inches of snow recorded in December 2020, Akron saw their 7th snowiest December on record.

Hey, if it’s going to snow a lot, we might as well break a few records, right?

Talking temperatures now, cold comes with the territory during most of our northeast Ohio Decembers, and this one was no different.

It may surprise you, however, that despite all of the snow and the accompanying chill, we were actually slightly above average in terms of our temperatures.

We finished the month with an average temperature of 34.1 degrees in Cleveland.

That’s 1.7 degrees above average.

Our final average temperature for the month of December in Akron was also 34.1 degrees.

For the Akron area, that’s actually 3.7 degrees above average.

The coldest temperature we reached in December in Cleveland was 15 degrees on the morning after Christmas.

With plenty of snow on the ground to keep things cold, that makes sense.

The coldest temperature we recorded in December in Akron was 13 degrees, also on the morning after Christmas.

Even today, as we round out the month, many still have a little snow on the ground.

Of course, that will be changing as we roll right into January.

Temperatures will soar well into the 40s on this first day of the month, causing widespread melting.

Unfortunately, the warm up will be accompanied by widespread rain this afternoon and this evening.

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