Northeast Ohio mail delays cause cancelation threats for some who may be late paying bills

A Geneva woman who says she has not been receiving her mail says she is trying to avoid having her phone service shut down.

Mail delays causing cancellation threats for some who may be late paying bills

GENEVA, Ohio (WOIO) - Sharon Polkow of Geneva said she is not getting all her mail, and the mail she is getting is significantly delayed, which is causing significant strain and stress as she tries to make sure her bills are being paid on time.

19 News has reported on the delays at the United States Postal Services that are being attributed to the pandemic and the resultant staffing shortages, and the surge over the holidays of mail and packages.

Polkow said her mail is still delayed, and in some cases, like with her Verizon bill, it just never arrives, which has caused her payments to be late and Verizon to threaten to shut off her service.

“I am 73-years-old, and I have always paid by check and have never been late,” Polkow said.

After Polkow told Verizon that she had called 19 News to see if we could help keep her service from being shut off, a company representative helped settle the problem.

That is certainly good news, but Palkow said she spent weeks fighting with Verizon looking for a solution as she does not feel comfortable paying her bills online.

Similar problems with her cable company and the water department were cleared up quickly as she is also not receiving those bills on time.

Polkow is not the only person in her Geneva neighborhood experiencing a problem with no mail or a delay in the mail, and she has stepped in to try and help neighbors who are having similar problems with the threat of some services being shut off.

“They want a security code, and they want a 100 things that they don’t know what they are,” she said of her experience trying to help. “What are we to do? It just goes on and on.”

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