Vaccine gives hope ‘if I had more friends to talk to and relate to I think it would be a little easier’

Updated: Jan. 7, 2021 at 6:31 PM EST
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CLEVELAND, Ohio (WOIO) -The Pfizer vaccine was administered at Brooklyn Pointe assisted living facility on Thursday.

“It’s been a little nerve rocky to tell you the truth, a little scary,” said Evelyn Bosnyak.

Evelyn Bosnyak was one of many to receive the Pfizer vaccine at Brooklyn Pointe; she tells 19 News the pandemic has been hard for her and her family, especially not being able to see her son.

“That’s why it’s scary too, you know if he was here, closer, I think it would be better too,” said Bosnyak.

Bosnyak feels getting the vaccine means she’s one step closer to reconnecting with him and making new connections with others.

“It’s being alone that’s the scary part of it,” said Bosnyak “if I had more friends to talk to and relate to, I think it would be a little easier.”

Malika Lundey is the Director of Nursing and says while many residents were happy to get the vaccine, a few are a little hesitant.

“People were still anxious, like what are the side effects, let me research this let me research that,” said Lundey.

Managers at the facility tell 19 news that after answering a few questions, they had nearly 100 percent participation.

“So far, we’ve had no high temperatures; everyone appears to be good after the holding time,” said Lundey, “so I’m hoping we can get back to some normalcy with allowing families to come in and people going out.”

“If everyone does what they have to do, I think we’ll get through this fine,” said Bosnyak.

The residents will receive their next round of vaccines in 3 weeks.

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