String of car and property thefts hit Cleveland’s west side over the weekend

String of car and property thefts hit Cleveland’s west side over the weekend

CLEVELAND, Ohio (WOIO) - Over the weekend, four police reports were made on the west side of carjackings and property theft.

“We had a number of people looking around for unlocked vehicles,” said Captain Vogel of the Westlake police department. “We’ve had a number of instances where people are going through unlocked cars taking things; they find keys inside they take the whole car.”

Two car thefts and property thefts were in Bay Village over the weekend, while others attempted to open locked car doors in Westlake and North Olmsted.

Our team spoke to residents in these neighborhoods, many of them not wanting to talk on camera because they were embarrassed, saying ‘how dumb could I have been to leave my car door unlocked’ and some of them even leaving the keys inside.

That’s what happened to a man on Linford road in bay village.

He left his keys in his car, and the suspects drove his car out of his driveway with several important items.

Another family in North Olmsted almost becoming victims.

Ring doorbell video, shared on a community Facebook page, shows two people getting out of a car checking doors to see if they could get inside.

As our team continued to talk to neighbors, they found this has been a problem on the west side for a long time.

Prompting a question:

Are certain neighborhoods or parts of town more likely to be targeted?

Police say it’s not where the home is located but what’s in your driveway.

“Anywhere that a number of cars are parked outside the garages, and chances are they always find some that are unlocked, so that’s why they keep coming back,” said Vogel.

We’ve said it over and over again, and so have police.

Lock your car every night, and if you have a garage, pull your car into it.

It’s a quick task that can save you a lot of trouble.

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