Wife of Northeast Ohio ER nurse asks NFL to send husband to Super Bowl

Wife of Northeast Ohio ER nurse asks NFL to send husband to Super Bowl

CLEVELAND, Ohio (WOIO) - Candice McDonald is on a mission to get her husband to Super Bowl LV.

“My husband deserves to go to the Super bowl because he has a huge heart and he is always putting everyone else’s needs first,” said McDonald.

McDonald said she’s doing this to honor her husband, Travis.

She says he deserves to go to the big game because of the big-time job he’s been doing as an ER nurse at UH Portage.

Travis also fought COVID last year too.

“I read an article where the NFL was considering sending vaccinated healthcare workers to the Super Bowl, filling the stands with our frontline heroes and my husband is not only an ER nurse but a survivor of COVID,” said McDonald.

In April of 2020, Travis was forced to spend a week on a ventilator fighting for his life.

Fortunately, he recovered and went right back to work.

In fact, he wasn’t able to join his wife on this interview because he was working.

“He’s just a doer, the man never calls off work... he actually never called off work until he got COVID,” McDonald added.

McDonald decided to plead her case about why Travis should be at the Super Bowl on TikTok.

Her video went viral, she’s hoping now to catch the attention of the NFL.

“He’s a huge browns fan, big football person, and I think it will definitely be an opportunity of a lifetime,” said McDonald.

McDonald said this would be a great way to thank her husband and other frontline workers for the life-saving work they do.

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