Mega Million and Powerball could lead to COVID relief

Northeast Ohio residents say a winning lottery ticket could ease COVID pain

Mega Million and Powerball could lead to COVID relief

CLEVELAND, Ohio (WOIO) - Chances are, if someone in Northeast Ohio happens to win either the Mega Millions lottery or the Powerball, they may not be feeling the psychological strains of COVID 19.

Thousands already have purchased their lucky tickets and have stayed in lines for hours just for a chance to become an overnight millionaire.

With more than a half-million dollars in both lotteries at stake, many believe a win in the era of this pandemic would change a person’s course of thinking despite all the talk about the virus.

“It would help so many people that have lost their businesses; come back together. People really going through a lot of changes right now”, said Dan Wither, who purchased his ticket at Junior Buy Wise in Cleveland.

While some want to pay it forward like Dan Wither’s; Dennis Butler says with unemployment so high, winning the lottery could be a welcomed relief.

“Everybody sitting at home doing nothing; they are not working it could be a blessing,” said Butler.

Over at Superior Restaurant. in Cleveland, customers say it’s a lean chance of winning. However, Wendy Spears says you can still dream about winning in this era of COVID 19.

“It would mean a whole lot for me. Actually, I was thinking about that on the way to work this morning. I think I would relocate to another country ..Covid free Covid country”, said Spears.

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