Ohio Board of Education member speaks out about why she attended ‘Stop the Steal’ rally

State Board of Education member attends riot at Capitol

CLEVELAND, Ohio (WOIO) - If Kirsten Hill had to do it all over again, she would have gone again.

The Ohio Board of Education member has no second thoughts about organizing a trip to D.C. last week for a rally that ended up being a deadly insurrection.

She would not appear on camera, but in a written statement Hill says in part:

“I traveled to Washington D.C on January 6th as a private citizen with a group of like-minded people to express our concerns that there was significant voter fraud in the November 3rd presidential election... Unfortunately, there was a small minority of individuals who appear to have broken the law by vandalizing the Capitol Building and personal property... I condemn any acts of violence or damage that may have been done by any individuals or groups regardless of their motives or deeply held convictions... my participation at the event consisted of listening to President Trump’s speech, walking to the Capitol, praying at a street.”

Scott DiMauro is president of the Ohio Education Association.

He’s upset that Hill attended the rally aimed at overturning legitimate election results.

“It was all under the heading up ‘Stop the Steal’ which is based on a fundamental lie that somehow this election was stolen and there is zero evidence to that fact,” said DiMauro.

DiMauro says as an elected official, Hill’s decision to go to the rally was unacceptable.

“When she is publicly calling for the overturning of a free and fair democratic election that crosses a line,” DiMauro added.

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